Diploma in Hispanic Studies


Those students who in the Placement Test on the first day of the course have accredited sufficient knowledge of Spanish, equal to or over the intermediate level, will be in a position to take the DIPLOMA IN HISPANIC STUDIES.

In order to obtain the Diploma in Hispanic Studies, the said students will have to attend the corresponding yearly hours in Spanish Language Course and pass the corresponding exam to the level of Spanish Language (intermediate, superior or proficiency) to which they have been assigned. They will also have to follow and pass 5 subjects (90 hours each one) in Spanish Culture among the ones offered an intermediate, superior or proficiency level.

Those students who do not manage to obtain the Diploma in Hispanic Studies will be availed of a certificate with the grades and the passed subjects and their corresponding credits. With reference to those Culture subjects not passed, an attendance certificate will be produced, indicating the level and duration of those very subjects.

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